Get ready for school with this refurbished MacBook Air deal

Apple’s built a cult following for its computers, and for good reason. The macOS ecosystem is well-integrated, and their computers are built to last, making them an excellent option for college students or anyone who needs a secondary computer for continuing education.

However, Apple is known to price its computers much higher than competing brands with similar specs and doesn’t cut prices very often. Fortunately, Apple offers OS upgrades and years of support to even older models, so you could buy a refurbished model to save yourself the “Apple Tax.” For example, during our Back to Education event, you can get this 13.3-inch MacBook Air from 2015 for $250 or nearly 80% off its original retail price.

Additionally, if you purchase before August 24, $0.50 of the proceeds will be donated to a school or charity that addresses issues like food insecurity and under-funded schools. You can vote for the org that you want to send your donation to via an email you’ll receive after purchasing.

MacBooks are already stunningly thin, light, and powerful, but the Air models take things to the next level. This notebook has an Intel Core i5 CPU and 4GB of memory, which should be plenty for checking emails, word processing, and general web browsing. Meanwhile, you can connect wireless peripherals such as mice and keyboards via Bluetooth. This laptop was given a “B” grade refurbished rating, so while you can expect light cosmetic blemishes like scratches or dents, it will still run perfectly.

The MacBook Air outputs a respectable 1,440 x 900 resolution, which is plenty sharp for its 13.3-inch screen. Graphically demanding applications are handled via the CPU’s integrated Intel HD 6000 unit, so you can watch YouTube videos, stream Netflix shows, and perform light photo edits. Finally, the laptop features a 128GB SSD to store your files and the OS itself.

Invest in your education for $250 with this refurbished MacBook Air from 2015. Once our Back to Education event concludes on August 24, we’ll announce the charity which earned your donation via email. 

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