Apple security updates fix 2 zero-days used to hack iPhones, Macs

Apple has released emergency security updates today to fix two zero-day vulnerabilities previously exploited by attackers to hack iPhones, iPads, or Macs. Zero-day vulnerabilities are security flaws known by attackers or researchers before the software vendor has become aware or been able to patch them. In many cases, zero-days have public proof-of-concept exploits or are actively … Read more

Janet Jackson’s music video is now a vulnerability for crashing hard disks

Rhythm Nation’s frequency hits hard drives, hard  A broken record, and “tape stop” are all too familiar terms for DJs and music enthusiasts, but a song crashing hard disks you say? Now that would make anyone glare. In a succinct writeup, Microsoft blogger Raymond Chen has revealed this week why playing a certain music video, back in the day, … Read more

How to show hidden files in Windows 7

Windows 7 hides certain files so that they are not able to be seen when you exploring the files on your computer. The files it hides are typically Windows 7 System files that if tampered with could cause problems with the proper operation of the computer. It is possible, though, for a user or piece … Read more

Remove the Search Redirect

What is Skip this and learn how to remove! If searches from a browser’s address bar are being redirected through the site, then you most likely have a unwanted browser extension or add on installed. These extensions will configure your browser’s search provider so that searches are sent through, which ultimately redirects … Read more

How to install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Runtime

If you start a program and receive an error stating that the program you are trying to run needs the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Runtime, you can use this tutorial to install the package so that your program works again. When developers create a Windows program using Microsoft Visual Studio 2015, there are specific dynamic link … Read more

How to open a Windows 11 Command Prompt as Administrator

The Windows 11 Command Prompt is an application that allows you to launch programs and change settings by typing commands into a window. Compared to similar features in the Windows GUI interface, command-line applications that run from the command prompt typically provide more options and granular features when performing a task. For example, you can … Read more

Apple doesn’t say much, but AR is everywhere at WWDC

They are virtual, but elements such as the Earth, air, fire, and water are just as important as real. These virtual elements themselves need to be extended with technologies that replace normal sensory perception (spatial positioning, object detection, distance perception, etc.). Combining all of this creates an operating system that emulates unreal reality. Apple is … Read more

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference begins June 6th with keynote

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference begins June 6th with keynote With the WWDC22 program available, the full slate of the event is all online and presented to over 30 million Apple developers worldwide for free. Today, Apple announced its lineup of annual Worldwide Developers Conferences, including keynotes and State of the Union speeches, sharing more information … Read more